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Scissor lift hire from ASHBROOK is an excellent way to work safely at height, lifting operators and materials to heights of 53ft (16.15ft).

A scissor lift can be identified by an expanding crisscross foundation.  The purpose of this design is to support a greater lift capacity than a typical boom.  They’re a flexible lift that comes in a good range of heights and lift capacities.  To add to this flexibility, they can be used by a single operator or multiple.

What to consider when choosing which scissor lift to hire?

Matt Hampson, Hire Desk Manager at ASHBROOK Ltd, looks at the advantages of scissor lift hire and how to pick the MEWP that will best suit your needs.

Which fuel type do you need?

‘The first thing to consider’, begins Matt, ‘is where the lift will be operated.  Whether this is indoors or outdoors plays a key role in deciding on the best sort of lift to hire.  If you’re working inside, then being emission-free will be paramount and therefore an electric power source is the one for you.’

‘Once we move to outside work, it’s likely that the diesel engine will be the most appropriate scissor lift to hire.  Consider the ground conditions and how far the lift will move around the site.  The ASHBROOK range of diesel scissor lifts for hire all have rough terrain capabilities, meaning that they can traverse uneven terrain with ease.’

‘With gradeability of up to 50% (stowed) on models such as the Genie GS 4390, ASHBROOK offer some excellent options for outdoor use’.

‘For a mixture of the two situations then we have an electric rough terrain option available for hire.  The Genie GS 4069, it’s a rough terrain scissor lift with an electric engine and self-levelling outriggers.  It can reach heights of 40ft (12.30m) and operates in an emission-free way, perfect for a dual setting.’

Do you need extra capacity from your rented scissor lift?

‘Next on the list to consider is what you’re lifting to height.  Different size lifts have different lifting capacities’, continues Matt. ‘For example, the Genie GS 3369, a 33ft diesel scissor lift, has a lift capacity of 454kg, whilst the GS 4069, a 40ft electric scissor, can lift 363kg and the GS 5390, a 53ft diesel scissor, 680kg. So, think about what you’re lifting in advance of a hire, as more or less height or the engine type doesn’t necessarily correlate to more capacity.’

‘Many of the ASHBROOK scissor lifts for hire come with extension decks to make moving around and working at height more straightforward and safer.  Please let us know at the point of hire if this is a requirement you have’.

What features are available on scissor lifts?

‘The ASHBROOK range of scissor lifts for rent come from market leading manufacturers and in the main, Genie’, says Matt. ‘We have an excellent fleet renewal scheme and therefore many of our MEWPS are new this year.  This means that they boast best-available-technology.’

‘We have Genie E-Drive scissor lifts on fleet.  This system is an optimized, efficient AC electric drive system with the benefits of quiet, emission-free operation and industry-leading runtime. These lifts will keep you working all day.’

‘Self-levelling outriggers can be found on the rough terrain models, to give extra stability when working at height.  The electric versions also come with a Genie patented full-time oscillating axle which automatically adjusts the axle position based on the ground conditions.  Thus, making it one of the best electric rough terrain scissor lifts available.’

‘There are numerous alarms and warnings to help support the safe use of these lifts, including descent, tilt and motion alarms, and to help manage lift capacities a Load Sense System which monitors the weight on the platform and warns the operator if it becomes overloaded.’

‘Our scissor lifts for hire are convenient, maintained to an excellent standard and a cost-effective way to manage your working at height needs, concludes Matt’.

3 reasons to hire a scissor lift from ASHBROOK

  1. The cost of hiring a scissor lift- ASHBROOK MEWP hire is cost-effective. We offer excellent rates for fantastic machines.  Plus, by hiring, you only need to pay for a lift when you need one, not all year round.
  2. The extensive range available from ASHBROOK- our fleet of scissor lifts comes in a range of heights starting at 19ft (5.85m) and goes all the way up to 53ft (16.15m) and with either an electric or diesel engine. Thus, giving you the ultimate flexibility to pick the right size for the right job.
  3. Delivery is available to Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, North Wales, Lancashire, Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

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