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15 June 2020



Introduced to the ASHBROOK hire fleet in 2019, the CAT 336 Next Generation Excavator is viewed, by both the ASHBROOK team and our customers, as a gem.

This latest machine from CAT has the industry’s highest level of standard factory-equipped technology. This means that it really excels in Cat’s goal of designing an excavator that ensures operators are able to hit maximum efficiency.

But what does this mean in practice…?

Up to 15% fuel saving versus previous models- we’ve seen it!

Use the CAT 336 in Smart Mode (one of the three power mode settings). This will allow you to burn less fuel, by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to the digging conditions. To further reduce fuel usage, the engine speed is automatically lowered when there is no hydraulic demand.

The new electrohydraulic system eliminates the need for pilot lines, reduces pressure loss and lowers fuel consumption. In addition, fewer hydraulic lines on the excavator result in a lower oil requirement. Thus, lowering long-term operating costs further.

Up to 45% increase in operating efficiency versus previous models- we’ve seen it!

Through the use of unique integrated CAT connect technology, the 336 Next Gen Excavator allows greater on-site efficiency. This is for both operators with years of experience and those just starting out.

Reach grade quickly; included as standard, the CAT GRADE 2D system. Select your desired target depth and target slope. The system will then give you real-time guidance on depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade. Audio and visual height and depth alerts then indicate target grade or obstacles.

Overcut protection; included as standard, GRADE with ASSIST. This piece of kit automates boom and stick movements, giving more accurate cuts with less effort. Single-lever digging, for both standard and rotating attachments, is activated through the use of machine position sensors and operator-defined depth and slope parameters.

Never overload or underload; included as standard, CAT Payload technology. You and your operators have access to real-time, precise, load targets with on-the-go weighing. Access to this information means that over or underloading a machine is a thing of the past. The automated tracking can be utilised in the cab or on the go when combined with CAT Link technologies.

Eliminate the danger of tipping; included as standard, CAT Lift ASSIST. Keep you and your workforce safe with Lift ASSIST. This system quickly calculates the actual load you are lifting and compares it to the rated load the excavator is capable of handling. Visual and auditory alerts tell you if you are within safe working range or need to take action to avoid tipping.

Improve safety when working in confined spaces; included as standard, CAT E-Fence. Define invisible electronic boundaries which prevent the excavator from moving outside these set points. It is particularly useful when working beneath structures or near traffic.

Real-time and useful information at your fingertips; included as standard, CAT LINK. Connecting hardware and software to the office provides you with real-time machine-critical operating information.

Cut and fill to deliver an accurate design plan; upgrade to use AccGrade GPS. Working on a site that has multiple contours, rather than single or dual slope planes? Then this tool is for you. AccuGrade 3D system uses GPS technology to compare the blade position to a three-dimensional digital site plan and signals the operator or hydraulic system to raise or lower the blade to achieve the design requirements.

Push the limits of your productions. The 336 excavator has the highest horsepower in class, giving you fast cycle times under load.

More lift capacity. A 10% increase on the 330 and the ability to handle larger work tools and buckets.

Easier and faster walk-around process. The new design means that the fuel system, water and sediment drains and hydraulic system oil level are now positioned close together at ground level for easy access.

Most comfortable cab yet- we’ve sat in it!

The new CAT 336 cab design is the ultimate in comfort. Included as standard are:

  • Keyless pushbutton start
  • Large standard 8inch touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys for control
  • Sound-suppressed rollover protections structures (ROPS)
  • New advanced viscous mounts which reduce vibration by up to 50% over previous models
  • Bluetooth radio
  • USB connectors, allowing you to charge your phone on the go
  • Automatic climate control
  • Programmable joystick buttons for response and pattern allowing you to dial in productivity settings
  • Enhanced visibility through both windows and camera functionality.

If you’re looking for a long-term hire, then you can save on maintenance downtime- we’ve seen it!

3,000 hours before the air filter needs servicing. The new CAT air filter with integrated pre-cleaner, primary and secondary filters has double the dust holding capacity of previous designs.

1,000 hours before the fuel system filters need servicing. A 100% increase on the previous design. The fuel system filters are now synchronised for service at 1,000 hours.

Interested in finding out more about this excellent machine, hire opportunities or to upgrade your current machine? Contact the ASHBROOK General Manager, Paul Pitney on 07384119261.

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