Congleton: 01260 270 817
Warrington: 01925 599080
Weight: 11,530kg
Height: 3,457mm
Width: 2,993mm
Length: 5,825mm
Horse power rated 300hp
Horse power boosted 313hp
Transmission speed 50kph
Gearbox CVX

Hire a CASE Optum 300 CVX

Hire a CASE Optum 300 CVX it will bring the best of both worlds to your farm; a compact design with a heavy-duty performance.

Key features of the CASE Optum 300 CVX

  • 6.7 litre, 6 cylinder engine delivering 250-300hp
  • Stage 5 emission level
  • CVX, 50kph transmission
  • 4WD
  • 165 litre/minute hydraulic pump
  • Air & exhaust brakes
  • Adjustable front wheels & bar axle
  • Cab & front suspension
  • Front linkage
  • Couplers with front hitch management
  • 4 elect. remote valves
  • Power Beyond
  • BT Radio
  • Hyd top link & fender controls
  • Deluxe comfort pack
  • 12 LED work lights
  • Electric mirrors
  • HMC2
  • ABS Socket
  • AFS Pro 1200 touchscreen monitor
  • AccuGuide Ready
  • Joystick
  • Electronic Park Lock (EPL)
  • Advanced Trailer Breaks (ADV.TB)
  • 3-year AFS Connect Telematics
  • PTO & 2 mid-mount values
  • Accguide (optional)
  • Weight block (optional)
  • Front end loader (optional)
  • Row-crop (optional)
  • Turf wheels (optional)

View the pdf product specification sheet for full details or ask our knowledgeable staff if you have a need for a specific function.

Engine and Design

The new-look CASE Optum 300 CVX boasts a sleek design and comfortable ride.  Depending on the model, it can be relied upon to deliver between 250 to 300 rated horsepower.

The optimal power-to-weight ratio and latest operational systems mean that tillage, seedbed preparation, planting, haulage during harvest, and more will be completed with maximum traction in the field and efficient handling and braking on the road. The Optum CVX offers impressive control, safety, and connectivity.

Tried and tested it feels great to drive with optimal on-farm efficiency for your pocket and emission targets.

The 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder engine delivers 250-300hp rated horsepower, all whilst operating to Stage 5 emission levels.  This is in part thanks to the highly-efficient Hi-ESCR2 exhaust gas treatment which works without adversely impacting the engine’s power.

Operator Comfort

The high-end finish on the cab ensures a comfortable and productive days work and the deluxe pack that comes with the ASHBROOK models enhances this further.

The new-look Optum 300 cab comes with:

  • New storage possibilities
  • New entry steps
  • New monitor – handy tablet holder
  • New cable routing through rear window
  • New soundsystem
  • New front wiper
  • New cameras
  • Bigger class areas – bigger frame
  • Small A-pillar display
  • Best 360 degrees visibility.

So don’t miss out. Upgrade with ASHBROOK today.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Hence, machines may vary depending on the specification ordered.

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How to hire?

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