Congleton: 01260 270 817
Warrington: 01925 599080
Weight: 8,399kg
Height: 2,822mm
Width: 2,352mm
Length: 5,744mm
Net power (ISO 9249) 68kW
Max digging depth (loader bucket 132mm
Max digging depth (backhoe) 5,292mm
Stick digging force extended (ISO) 31.7kN
Stick digging force retracted (ISO) 43.5kN
Bucket digging force (ISO) 63.4kN

Hire a CAT 432 Backhoe Loader

Hire a CAT 432 backhoe loader. This machine is a versatile ‘workhorse’, whether you are operating in construction, agriculture, aggregates, waste, or a wealth of other industries. It really is the Swiss Army Knife of the plant hire world. Consequently, the dual function of digging and loading adds flexibility to any site.

Key Features of the CAT 432 Backhoe Loader

  • DITA C3.6 Stage V diesel engine
  • Extendable narrow 4.3m stick
  • 1.03m3 multi-purpose bucket equipped with edge and roll-over forks
  • 6-speed autoshift transmission
  • Lock up torque converter
  • Ride control system
  • Load sensing and flow-sharing hydraulics
  • Ecology drain
  • Hammer lines with quick disconnects
  • Boom and stick check vales with an overload warning device.
  • Lifting eye on bucket linkage
  • Roading lights and 8 LED work lights
  • Standard cab
  • Heater and defroster
  • Air conditioning
  • Air suspension fabric heated seat
  • Amber beacon
  • Street pads
  • Range of attachments available from ASHBROOK (machine compatible with JCB attachments).

View pdf product specification sheet for full details or ask our knowledgeable staff if you have a need for a specific function.

Engine and design

The new Cat C3.6 engine not only meets Stage 5 emission targets it also boasts a 10% saving in fuel versus older models. The engine achieves this saving using an enhanced electronic control which optimizes the speed to the application. It does all this whilst delivering the same power and torque density as the C4.4 engine, which powered the earlier iteration.  The power shift 6-speed transmission is designed to perfectly match itself to the application. This intuitive technology means that the appropriate gear is selected whether the operator is driving between job sites, or using the digger or loader function.


On this CAT 432, intelligent hydraulics provide the right amount of power at the right time, courtesy of a high-capacity variable displacement piston pump. The load-sensing, closed-centre hydraulic system actively matches hydraulic power and flow, allowing full hydraulic forces at any engine speed.

Flow-sharing valves actively manage the flow of oil between each function of the machine. Therefore, when the operator demands multiple operations the machine responds, providing smooth, effortless operation.

In addition, the electronic torque limiter on the machine helps to provide perfect synchronization between the engine, transmission, and hydraulic system.

Parallel Lift Loader

The CAT 432 provides ultimate performance and maximum flexibility. This machine makes light work of lifting and loading, as well as digging and grading. With regards to the parallel lift loader arm, this offers excellent forward visibility and self-levelling, ensuring best-in-class material retention throughout the lift and lower cycles.

The ASHBROOK machines come with Ride Control which means that loader suspension is included to improve ride comfort when moving around the job site or transporting the machine on the road.

In addition, the Return to Dig system returns the bucket to level, great for applications with repetitive work cycles.  The hydraulic Quick Coupler is there to provide a safe and simple exchange of work tools.


Designed to tackle the toughest of obstacles with ease, the iconic excavator-style boom has been getting the job done on-site for decades. This latest version builds on the success of the past delivering maximum productivity for minimum effort.

The ASHBROOK machine comes with a 4.3m extendable stick, which increases dig depth and reach capability. Thus, reducing the amount of machine repositing and therefore site damage. Combine this with the CAT Cushion Swing, which enables quick trenching by damping the boom oscillation during trenching cycles, and you have a very productive machine.

In addition, a sliding inner section design helps to ensure the street pads remain as dirt free as possible, extending adjustment and replacement intervals. Auxiliary lines, for operating hydraulic work tools, have been routed so that they are protected from damage when working in the narrowest of trenches.

ASHBROOK have a number of attachments and various-sized buckets available for hire with this machine.

Operator Comfort

As with all CAT products, the cab on this 432 backhoe loader is designed with the operator in mind. Controls for both the parallel lift loader and the backhoe elements are ergonomically designed for ease of use and feature the ability to adjust to any position on a 4-way axis. This clever feature allows the operator to design bespoke operating positions.

In addition, the loader control now gives the operator more power right at their fingertips with the differential lock, forward, neutral, and reverse switch, transmission kick-out and auxiliary control all within easy reach. The backhoe controls are on a pod-mounted servo. This means that the operator can select between ISO excavator control pattern or SAE backhoe pattern control. Thus, enabling operators of excavators to drive the backhoe loader or traditional backhoe loaders to operate the machine as they have the flexibility to select between the two.

This version of the 432 for ASHBROOK comes with an air suspension heated seat and both a heater and defroster and air conditioning. Ensuring maximum temperature comfort for the operator.

A clever redesign of the roof cap ensures that the operator can see the loader at maximum dump height. All this helps to keep your site operating safely.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Hence, machines may vary depending on the specification ordered.

What does CAT say about their CAT 432 backhoe loader…?

How to hire?

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