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Weight: 13,909kg
Width over tracks: 2,760mm
Blade width: 3,684mm
Width over blade (transport): 2,815mm
Net power (ISO 9249) 97kW
Blade capacity 3.81m3
Max travel speed 10km/h
VPAT blade | LGP tracks

Hire a Cat D4 LGP Next Generation Bulldozer

Hire a Cat D4 LGP Next Generation bulldozer with VPAT folding blade.  Previously unknown as the Cat D6K2,  this next-generation machine boasts 30% better visibility than the previous iteration. With easy-to-use technology supporting safe and efficient use.

Key Features of the Cat D4 Next Generation Bulldozer

  • C4.4 ACERT Stage V diesel engine
  • LGP VPAT folding blade
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage with 8 rollers and 2 carrier rollers
  • 760mm extreme service heavy-duty track
  • Slope Assist
  • Stable blade
  • Blade load monitor
  • Traction Control
  • Auto Carry
  • Attachment Ready Option
  • Cat GRADE with slope assist
  • Fully redesigned cab, sound suppressed, with Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS)
  • Air suspension, heated and ventilated seat
  • Heated joystick control handles
  • Full-colour 10-inch (254 mm) liquid crystal touchscreen display
  • Integrated rear-view camera
  • Ripper ready rear hydraulics
  • Air conditioning

View pdf product specification sheet for full details or ask our knowledgeable staff if you have a need for a specific function.

Bulldozer engine and design

The big benefit of the Cat D4 LGP next generation bulldozer is the additional visibility versus the previous models and the Cat D6k/D6K2. Shorter sight lines mean that the operator does not need to reverse so far to get a full view of the material to move. In fact, the visual distance between the front of the blade and the pile is approx. 40% shorter. Thus making each movement quicker and much more efficient.

Transportation is more straightforward with the ASHBROOK versions of the Cat D4 LGP VPAT next generation bulldozer as they come with a foldable blade. Thus allowing width reduction for transportation to 2,815mm – meaning that no escort vehicles are required when transporting.

The Cat C4.4 ACERT diesel engine with twin-turbo is stage V compliant and combines with a hydrostatic transmission to give excellent fuel efficiency. It also boasts the most power-dense drive train in its size class.

Further efficiencies come from eco-mode. This optimises engine speed to save the operator fuel when used in lighter blade load applications like finish grading. It does this all whilst maintaining ground speed and power.

Dozer Technology

Work safer and smarter with the wealth of technology available in the all-new Cat D4 next generation bulldozer.

  • Slope indicate shows machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation right on the main display to help operators with slope work.
  • Stable Blade has been improved to make it even easier to get smoother surfaces faster when operating manually. It works seamlessly with operator blade inputs to help reduce imperfections and produce a smoother surface.
  • Cat Grade with Slope Assist automatically maintains the operator’s pre-established blade position without a GPS signal. Put it to work building pads, creating simple design plans on the go, or working where GPS is unavailable.
  • All Cat Grade systems are compatible with radios and base stations from Trimble, Topcon, and Leica.

If you have any technology needs, talk to the ASHBROOK team to confirm what can be provided.

Operator Comfort

The safe, ROPS, sound-suppressed cab is a big improvement on cabs of the past, ensuring that the operator has a comfortable and productive day’s work. Not only does the visibility from the machine mean that less repetitive work is needed, but the operator environment is also a step up.

The ASHBROOK cab comes with an air suspension, heated and ventilated seat, heated joystick controls and air conditioning.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Hence, machines may vary depending on the specification ordered.

What does Cat say about their D4 LGP next generation bulldozer…?

How to hire?

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