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Weight: 2,695kg
Height: 2,475mm
Width: 1,310mm
Length: 2,530mm
Net Power (ISO 14396)- 18.5kW
Drum width- 1,200mm
Fuel Type- Diesel
Max Travel Speed- 10.2km/h

Hire a 1200mm compaction roller – the HAMM HD12VV

Hire a 1,200mm compaction roller- the HAMM HD12VV.  This is a straightforward tandem roller with two 1,200mm vibrating roller drums.  It boasts compact dimensions for easy use on site and an excellent view of the drum edge and surroundings courtesy of the wasp-waist design.  Perfect for building sites, landscaping, road-building projects and more.

Key Features of the HAMM HD12VV

  • 1,200mm drum
  • Tandem vibratory drums
  • 3-cylinder diesel KUBOTA engine
  • EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4
  • 3-point articulation
  • Water tank capacity of 180l
  • Dashboard with displays, indicator lights and switches
  • Dashboard cover, lockable and weather-resistant
  • Pressure water sprinkling system
  • Operator’s platform with entry from both sides
  • Vibration-isolated operator’s platform
  • Track offset, mechanical
  • Central lifting bracket
  • Green and amber beacons

View pdf product specification sheet for full details or ask our knowledgeable staff if you have a need for a specific function.

On-site capabilities

This 2.7t compaction roller for hire can cope with a wide range of terrains and ground conditions.  It has a climbing ability, without vibration, of 40%, and with vibration, 30%.  Combining this and the wasp-waist, three-point articulation, you have a flexible roller for many applications.

However, its primary use is for sub-base and asphalt compaction.  The excellent vibrating frequency increases the centrifugal force, thereby leaving a compact sub-base in only a few passes. The HD12VV can achieve the same high compaction quality for surfaces made up of non-cohesive materials such as gravel, chippings, or sand.  Thus, making it ideal for residential roads, car parks, footpaths, and general highway maintenance.

Compaction Roller Engine

The 3-cylinder KUBOTA diesel engine delivers 18.5 kW (25.2 hp) of power.

Operator Environment

Specifically designed to allow for maximum visibility around the drum and surrounding area, this 2.7t compaction roller for hire comes with an excellent history of safest and accuracy on site.

To deliver extra comfort, the driver’s seat, control level, footplate and steering column are mechanically isolated from the frame.  The positive impact of this is significantly less vibration felt by the operator.  Combine this with the 3-point articulation, which provides effective shock absorption on 3 plains, and you have unrivalled driving comfort.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only.  Hence, machines may vary depending on the specification ordered.

What does HAMM say about the HD12VV compaction roller…?

How to hire a HAMM HD12VV?

Hire a 1,200mm compaction roller- the HAMM HD12VV by contacting our hire desks today or clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button to receive an online quotation.

Need something smaller? Then we have a 1.7t compaction roller available for hire.  Or something bigger, then the HAMM H7i is the one for you.