Congleton: 01260 270 817
Warrington: 01925 599080
Weight: 6,480kg
Height: 3,026mm
Width: 2,476mm
Length: 5,240mm
Horse power rated 165hp
Horse power boosted 209hp
Transmission speed 50kph
Gearbox CVX

Hire a CASE Puma 165 CVX tractor

Hire a CASE Puma 165 CVX tractor. The CVX model with its continuously variable transmission will bring seamless efficiency to your fields.

Key Features of the CASE Puma 165 CVX tractor

  • 6.7 litre, 6 cylinder engine delivering 165-210hp
  • CVX, 50kph transmission
  • Stage V emission standards
  • 4WD
  • 140 litre/minute hydraulic pump
  • Air & exhaust brakes
  • Adjustable front wheels & bar axle
  • Cab & front suspension
  • Front linkage
  • 4 elect. remote valves
  • Power Beyond
  • BT Radio
  • 12 LED work lights
  • Deluxe comfort pack
  • Manual mirrors
  • HMC2
  • ABS Socket
  • AFS Pro 700 touchscreen monitor
  • AccuGuide Ready
  • Joystick
  • Accguide (optional)
  • PTO & 2 mid-mount values (optional)
  • Weight block (optional)
  • Front end loader (optional)
  • Row-crop (optional)
  • Turf wheels (optional)

View the pdf product specification sheet for full details or ask our knowledgeable staff if you have a need for a specific function.

Engine and design

Power, precision and performance, that’s what you get with a CASE Puma 165 CVX. The clever 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder engine is specifically constructed to generate maximum power whilst optimising fuel efficiency and delivering Stage V emission standards. If you regularly use your tractor in reverse drive for applications such as mowing, then the engine power management, is now also available when operating in reverse.

The DKT (Doppel-Kupplungs-Technologie) double-clutch system is used in CVX transmissions in order to deliver optimal performance.

Like its sister vehicle, the Puma 165 Multicontroller, the CVX model helps you match the engine power to the ground ahead. It does this through the use of the engine’s Electronic Common Rail fuel system and the Power Boost function, which is specifically designed to increase engine power by up to 35hp. Result of which is a fuel-efficient tractor, which still enables the operator to drive at high speed or on steep grades, and to meet the increased hydraulic demands of larger tools.

In addition, you are able to glide through tough spots in the field or on a steep slope through the use of the Power Growth function.

Operator Comfort

Farm productivity is given a boost when operators have a comfortable environment in which to work. Therefore, the engineers at CASE have made sure that the cab design maximises space and visibility and is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort.

CVX models are specifically designed to be ‘jump on and go’ tractors suitable for the most experienced operators through to seasonal staff. They are simple to control with excellent manoeuvrability and can be equipped with joystick controls.

The semi-active leather seat is heated and ventilated and comes equipped with an adjustable cushion. As a consequence, this tractor gives you the same luxurious ride that you would expect from a high-value saloon car.

In addition, the automatic seat suspension reacts to the driver’s weight to provide the smoothest ride possible.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Hence, machines may vary depending on the specification ordered.

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How to hire?

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