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Weight: 14,600kg
Height: 2,830
Width: 2,690mm
Length: 3,740mm
Net power (ISO 9249) 52kW
Max digging depth 6,040mm
Max reach 8,620mm
Max travel speed 5.3km/h

Hire a Cat 313F L GC Excavator

Hire a Cat 313F L GC Excavator. This 13t digger features a fuel-efficient Cat C3.4B engine, simplified hydraulic system, and robust frames and components. In fact, the Cat 313F L GC provides monetary savings versus the Cat 313F L. Not least because the engine is small enough to not need ad-blue but large enough to provide the same digging force as its larger counterpart.

Key Features of the Cat 313F L GC excavator

  • Max Operating weight of 14,600kg
  • Cat C3.4B engine meets EU Stage IIIB emission standards and is equipped with turbo protection
  • Engine operates below 55kW, meaning it does not require the addition of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or ad-blue as it is known
  • High power modes
  • Automatic engine speed control
  • One touch engine idle
  • Automatic engine shut off
  • Automatic Swing Brake
  • Load sensing/ flow sharing hydraulics
  • Boom and stick lowering control devices
  • Two speed travel
  • 360o camera
  • Roll Over Protection (ROPS) (ISO 12117-2: 2008) Cab
  • Tool storage area
  • Vision Link
  • Straight-forward and easy to use controls, allowing the operator to get on with the job
  • Can provide rubber or steel tracks
  • Range of attachments available

View pdf product specification sheet for full details or ask our knowledgeable staff if you have a need for a specific function.


The joy of this machine is that the engine has been specifically designed to operate below the 55kW threshold, set by EU emission standards. As a result, it does not require the addition of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or ad-blue, as it is known. The Cat C3.4B engine meets EU Stage IIIB emission standards and is equipped with turbo protection.

The Automatic Engine Speed Control (AEC) reduces engine speed and minimises fuel consumption during no-load or light-load conditions, without the need for operator input.

The digger comes with standard one-touch low idle, which saves fuel by instantly reducing engine speed to 1,100 rpm at the push of a button. Afterwards, return the engine speed to the throttle position by hitting the button again or simply moving the joysticks. It’s straightforward for optimum comfort.

As with its counterpart, the Cat 313F L, this type of excavator can work at altitudes of up to 2300m (7,545 ft) above sea level without de-rating. So essentially, anywhere in the UK!


This excavator allows the operator to calculate the exact work demands to deliver the stick and bucket force needed to work at optimum output. It does this with a load-sensing pump and main control valve.

Operator comfort

The spacious and quiet cab will allow the operator with work comfortably and safely. The excellent visibility from the operator’s seat allows them to remain aware of their surroundings at all times. In addition, an updated, adjustable seat increases comfort and reduces operator fatigue.

There is plenty of space to store belongings in the in-cab storage to the front and rear of the right-side console and behind the seat. As well as, a cup holder, document holder, and coat hook located centrally in the cab.

The easy-access controls and switches are ergonomically designed for optimum use. Along with adjustable joystick consoles and armrests to ensure easy operation.

The standard LCD monitor is easy to navigate and is programmable in 42 languages. The operator can charge personal devices on the two standard 12V power ports. Each provides up to 10A of power.

Last but not least, the heating ventilation air cooling (HVAC) system reduces noise levels and automatic climate control helps maintain a consistent cab temperature.


The Cat 313F L GC, 13t excavator comes with VisionLink. This package allows the operator and site management a unified view of health, location and productivity of the vehicle.

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How to hire?

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If you’re looking for something slightly larger you may also like the Cat313F L. This has all the benefits of this digger, but offers a larger engine and max operating weight at 15,600kg, for when speed is of the essence.